Xander Chemicals

Chemical for construction expert, expect only the best from us


High quality, easy to use for varieties application

  • Mold release agent
  • Waterproof admixture
  • Curing compound
  • Bonding agent
  • Epoxy grouting

Industrial Floor

Industrial Floor
Durable and high strength chemical product for industrial flooring

  • Epoxy floor
  • Polyurethane floor

Waterproof System

  • Xander Cem Seal 168 – Flexible Cement base waterproofing system for underground area, water tank, bathroom and swimming pool
  • Xander Lastic Seal 171 – Flexible acrylics base waterproofing system for wall and rooftop
  • Xander Urethane Seal 190– polyurethane water base waterproofing system with UV protection for rooftop
  • Xander Urethane Seal 195– Highly flexible polyurethane solvent base waterproofing system with UV protection for rooftop
  • Xander Bitu Urethane Seal 194 – polyurethane solvent base
  • Xander Ceramic Seal 175 – waterproofing with ceramic coating for wall and metal roofing
  • Xander Crystalize 111 – Crystalize waterproofing system for exterior wall, interior underground area and rooftop
  • Xanper Crystalize P110 – Crystalize powder waterproofing system for exterior flooring, interior underground area and water tank