ABI Flooring

High performance entrance matting from The Netherlands

ABI (Almelose Borstel Industrie) is the manufacturers of entrance mat for more than a century since 1910. ABI mattings are supplied to customers in more than 45 countries all over the world. The product is specialized in the entrance area, it helps to remove and prevent dirt, sand and gravel from shoes soles to enter into the building. ABI provide the optimum solution to keep the building clean and also help to reduce the maintenance cost of the building.

A Clean interior starts at your front door. ABI mats consist of durable materials and have a high-quality construction, which make ABI mat suitable for heavy and intensive use. With the innovative entrance matting from ABI using Aluminium frame together with variety of inserts, these entrance mat can match to all kind of entrance condition to keep all the dirt and sand outside the premises. Designed for easy to clean purpose; by simply roll up the ABI mat to clean all the dirt collected under the mat.