Highlighted Attribute of Armstrong SPC

If you would like to use Vinyl tiles that are budget friendly, easy and quick installation. Recommended here! 

SPC Vinyl tiles, a popular product that gathers all special features in ONE! 

1.Armstrong flooring are certified by U.S.A. standard 

2.Offer more thickness, at 6.5mm, and 0.5mm superior wear resistance layer (Group T) 

3.Passed a standard fire-retardant test (EN13501 : Class Bfl-s1) 

4.Capability of sound-insulation more than 18db 

5.R10 Slip resistance 

6.Meet security standards for users, and without any hazardous substance (REACH Standard, No Phthalate, Low VOCs) 

7.Passed the standard Test of chemical resistance 

8.Provide superior pressure endurance, and appropriate for rolling rolls or furniture usage 

9.Specialise in installation work with highly experienced technicians 

10.Offer 10-year warranty 

*According to the conditions set by the company* 

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