Xander Epo Grout 241

Crack resistance, two-part epoxy resin adhesive

Xander Epo Grout 241 is a high-strength, liquid epoxy resin adhesive formulated for structural applications requiring high bond strength. It is commonly used for anchoring rebars into concrete, repairing and finishing cracks, smoothing uneven surfaces, and securing steel elements.

The product consists of Part A, which is the epoxy resin, and Part B, the hardener designed for quick and easy dry curing. It has low shrinkage properties, preventing corrosion and ensuring there is no toxic outgassing. Xander Epo Grout 241 is designed to minimize errors in mixing ratios, as deviations can compromise its performance. It is suitable for bonding various materials such as steel, concrete, (certain types of plastics), and meets both compressive and tensile strength requirements.


Xander Flex Build 401

Single-component, non-flow polyurethane joint sealant

Xander Flex Build 401 is a single-component polyurethane joint sealant material that is flexible and non-flowing. It is used for sealing joints that experience movement or are designed to expand and contract (expansion joints) and construction joints in concrete. This sealant relies on atmospheric moisture for drying.

Xander STB Tape

Versatile butyl rubber adhesive and sealing tape 

Xander STB Tape is a versatile butyl rubber adhesive and sealing tape known for its superior quality compared to low-quality synthetic rubber tapes like asphalt and bitumen.

Xander STB Tape can adhere effectively due to its inherent material properties, resulting in strong adhesion and high stability. It has a sticky and cohesive texture, reinforced with fiber sheets that protect its surface. This tape can be painted and applied over a waterproofing system. It offers excellent resistance to tearing, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations, making it durable in various conditions. It does not contain solvents, preventing the material from becoming brittle or cracking. It is water-resistant and prevents water infiltration, making it suitable for areas prone to water accumulation.

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