Coating – Cement Based

Xander Cem Seal 168

Waterproofing system, liquid sheet membrane type.

Xander Cem Seal 168 is a two-component waterproofing product formulated with cement and polymer. It adheres to almost all types of surfaces and possesses properties to prevent leakage and corrosion as well as weather resistant. Xander Cem Seal 168 is efficient at preventing salt damage caused by moisture and gases. Furthermore, it can protect the steel reinforcement from corrosion.

Coating – Water Based

Xander Epo Barrier 950

Xander Epo Barrier 950 is a two-component water-based coating formulated with polymers, specifically designed for high water pressure resistance. It can be used as a waterproof primer on surfaces with moisture or as a waterproofing underneath Vinyl flooring and other materials. It is particularly suitable for use with water tanks for consumption purposes.

Coating – Flexible/Polyurethane

Xander Urethane seal W190

Xander Urethane Seal 190 is a waterproofing product designed in a polyurethane formula with excellent adhesion properties to various types of surfaces. It is a ready-to-use formula that dries quickly, providing seamless protection, preventing penetration without leaving marks, and offering exceptional flexibility. It is suitable for both floor and wall applications, especially in areas exposed to direct sunlight or confined spaces with limited ventilation.

Xander Urethane Seal O195

Waterproofing system - Oil-Based 

Xander Urethane Seal 195 is a polyurethane waterproofing membrane in oil-based formula. This provides superior chemical properties compared to water-based formula, including excellent adhesion to surfaces, UV resistant, flexibility, durability against weather conditions and waterlogging. After installation, it can be used without the need for any topcoat material. This material is homogeneous and seamless, making Xander Urethane Seal 195 a membrane with exceptional properties compared to regular membrane.


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