Kalzip® Standing Seam Facade

For unique architecture

Kalzip Standing Seam Facade offers sustainable and economical weather protection and, thanks to its versatility, is the perfect solution to highlight the buildings aesthetic appeal. The lines of the folds, whether vertical or horizontal, determine the appearance. In addition, the builder is a variety of surfaces and colours available.

Kalzip Standing Seam can be installed as a ventilated facade on a construction on readily available substructure using the Kalzip clips. These are fixed directly to the respective substrate (concrete, masonry, steel cassettes, etc.). Additional insulation is based on the required thermal performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Freedom of design through almost unrestricted formability
  • High-quality refined, metallic or coated surfaces based on permanent aluminium
  • Wide range of finishes are available
  • Highly durable and corrosion resistant
  • Easy installation

Standing Seam Façade System

Facade design: 1. Kalzip profiled sheet, 2. E Clip, 3. L-angle, 4. Insulation, 5. Holding hand bracket

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Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS)

Chonburi | 2020

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