SPC Vinyl flooring is rigid, tough and reliable

SPC Vinyl flooring is rigid, tough and reliable
Vinyl flooring is one of the materials that are very popular to use as floor covering.  Its distinctive benefits are that they are easy to install, known for toughness and qualities are no less than any other type of flooring available in the market.  Moreover, they have a variety of designs and patterns to choose from. For anyone who is looking for a good quality material; we would recommend SPC vinyl flooring.  It would be a suitable flooring solution for you in every aspect; the result and user experience are worthwhile.

Qualities of SPC Vinyl flooring dominate user

SPC vinyl flooring (Stone Plastic Composite) is also interchangeably referred to as rigid core luxury vinyl flooring.  Its features are not much different than natural woods that are used nowadays.  The outstanding characteristic makes them popular are the ability to install with a click lock system, which is convenient and very fast to install.  The main component of the product is Calcium carbonate which strengthens and stabilizes the product structure.  This will help to prevent the problems of floor bend and breaking due to thermal expansion.  SPC is fire retardant up to B1 fire resistance standard, moisture tolerates, waterproofing and mold free.  They are long lasting products that are easy to maintenance and also an eco-friendly product.

Innovation to create the best SPC vinyl floor

Armstrong tries to develop Natural Creations Valemount as a new SPC flooring series.  It’s come with a wide range of designs including stone patterns, wood with natural texture.  With a thickness of 6.5 mm help to absorb impact sound up to 18 dB Solution for all flooring usage especially popular in commercial spaces.  SPC vinyl attribute is as follow.

1. Click lock system; easy to install save time and save budget

2. Varieties of design; provide natural color and texture

3. Calcium carbonate as the main component; no harmful substance and is able to recycle

4. Fire retardant; pass the fire resistance B1 standard

5. Mold free; no mold even install in a high humid area, no termite

6. Easy to maintain; cleaning and maintaining at ease

SPC vinyl flooring is one of the best in the vinyl flooring world and is especially popular in commercial and residential spaces. It has the look of traditional hardwood, but without maintenance.

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