Timberline Collection: solution for your wood pattern vinyl flooring

Timberline Collection: solution for your wood pattern vinyl flooring

For anyone who love natural feeling but doesn’t want to use real wood and spend too much because they are difficult to maintenance.  Wood pattern vinyl flooring is one of the solutions that are most suitable for you.  We would recommend the Timberline collection as an option for your consideration; they come in varieties of pattern to match your design and they are worth every penny you are spending on.

Wood pattern vinyl floor: qualities product that matches the need

As mentioned earlier; nowadays real wood are being replaced by other substitute floor covering product and they are becoming more commonly used.  The most popular material among these products are wood pattern vinyl floor; due to their pricing compare to their attribute of being tough, long lasting and very easy to maintenance.  Each brand and series have its own charm and impressive attribute.  Anyone who is looking for high qualities wood pattern vinyl floor that come with an attractive pattern, we would recommend them “Timberline Collection”

Timberline Collection: Best selection that you don’t want to miss

Timberline is the wood pattern vinyl floor that develops by Armstrong.  Outstanding with the pattern that imitates the beauty of natural woods; from different types of species and color.  You can be certain that our vinyl floor provide a realistic appearance and texture that is close to real wood.  Timberline is available as a vinyl sheet, it is easy to install and it helps to create the natural feeling as if you were surrounded by tree and nature.

Timberline collection’s advantage; the product is coated on the surface with Armstrong’s patented innovative Diamond 10 PUR Coating.  It helps strengthen the surface to protect from scratch, chemical, acid and alkaline.  They are easy to clean and maintenance; only regular sweep and moping will do the job.  No need to waste time and money on waxing.

Timberline matches with any type of building

This vinyl flooring series matches the requirement of various building types, Such as residential, education, hospital, recreational, commercial use or any other type of building; Timberline is compatible with them all.  With the qualities that exceed its value, long lasting for more than 10 years, easy to install.  Its need minimum maintenance effort, so you can spend your time doing something else without worrying about them.  From the all-around benefits; Timberline wood pattern vinyl floor is one of the value selections that Vispac would offer if you are looking for real wood pattern flooring that serve all purpose usage.

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