With Double Hybrid Membrane Technology (DHMb Technology) in MIG-ESP, two film layers are created.  It is like a thin film with uniformly distributed pores which is sealed with a flexible membrane at the bottom.  Additionally, the surface of this membrane system is covered with a regular pattern of double hybrid particles, which reflect rays of infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

The molecule of water vapor penetrates into a pore of the membrane.  Once the molecule arrives at the bottom of the pore, the molecule will be catapulted away as if by a trampoline.  While doing so, heat energy is absorbed to the water molecule from the double hybrid particles, which transfer infrared energy into the molecule of water vapor.

At the same time, the molecule of water vapor is repelled from the bottom of the pore.  This works like a molecular pump, removing humidity on a wall as a result. The wall is dried, creating a natural insulation system which results in multiple benefits such as:

 Keeping mold away and greatly reducing corrosion
 Saving energy significantly through reflecting rays of infrared radiation
 Inhibits and prevents the growth of bacteria Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Tested according to ISO 22196-07
 Reduce odor and unpleasant smell in the building; Because the moisture absorbed odors and it will be eliminated by the mechanism of Double Hybrid Membrane Technology
 Ensuring long-term quality and stability of the façade through the DHMb technology which disperses rays of ultraviolet radiation
 Free from odors and VOCs that are harmful to health. Tested according to the French VOC Regulation
 Passed the flame retardant test according to DIN 4102, part 1 at A2 level for non-combustible building materials.
 Certified and tested from reliable laboratory from Germany



Samut Prakan | 2020

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