A robust and sustainable green roof system

The NatureRoof is underpinned by a fully engineered Kalzip system with an unbeatable pedigree. Every single component has been carefully selected for compatibility. This lightweight roofing system improves thermal performance and is kind on resources – essential features for intelligent and environmentally friendly architecture. By providing protection against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, the internal environment is enhanced by more constant temperatures.

Benefits & Features:

• The installation is carried out directly on the Kalzip profile

• The aluminium surface offers lasting protection against rooting and moisture penetration

• Complete package in modular design

• The roof still acts as a natural component of lightning protection system

• Environmentally friendly and can be recycled

• Approximately 50% of the rainwater is retained on the roof

• Reduction in wastewater and sewage costs

Kalzip NatureRoof also impresses with:

• Considerable reduction in wastewater and sewage costs

• Approximately 50 of the rainwater is stored

• Improvement of oxygen content, microclimate and humidity in the building environment

• Absorption of dust and air-polluting such as CO2

• Thermal and mechanical protection against the effect of temperature, radiation and weather

• Improved thermal insulation and room climate throughout the year

• Increase in the value of the building

• Provides an ecological balance in the face of increasing urbanisation

Balancing green areas with the Kalzip NatureRoof

The release of oxygen by the plants, brings measurable improvements to the surrounding micro-climate whilst at the same time the plant leaves take in and lock-up air borne pollutants such as particulates from traffic fumes and dust.

NatureRoof can lead to dramatic improvements in air quality around the building and where large-scale roof greening occurs, to the air quality of entire conurbations.

Roof Design: 1. Kalzip Sedum planting, 2. Kalzip Planting substrate,  3. Kalzip Drainage mat with filter fleece sheathing, 4. Kalzip aluminium profile, 5. Kalzip Insulation, to suit thermal performance requirements, 6. Kalzip advanced E type clip, 7. Kalzip Vapour control layer, 8. Steel liner-deck on purlins
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